Giant Salamander Farming in China - Harvesting and Processing Salamander Meat

This giant salamander species is farmed for its meat, there are more than 2 million salamanders on farms across China. This species is eaten and its body parts have been used in traditional Chinese medicines. It has a  high economic value, leading to unsustainable and unregulated harvesting from the wild. To meet demand from a developing domestic market, an intensive salamander farming industry has spread across much of the range of the species; this has become a key aspect of the rural economy in certain range provinces.

Watching this whole process is fascinating. I live in Japan and have only seen these in zoos. They're considered endangered animals here. It would be great if we could buy many and start breeding them and releasing them back into their natural habitats as well, not just for food.

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Giant Salamander Farming in China - Harvesting and Processing Salamander Meat

Here in northern California these are endangered but you do see the small kind (3 inches in length) sometimes. Then there's a larger species which are about ten inches long and look like these but have a florescent orange underside and these are extremely rare.

The beauty of the video...shows that each continent flora and fauna can be extremely different and grow to some amazing sizes when left alone. I myself never knew salamanders can be so large. Our planet is amazing but it can be more amazing when we humans live in balance with nature.

We have many videos that show human consumption but we need to note that the Chinese are working very hard to balance their consumption with the natural ecosystem. They realized long time ago that over a billion people can be like locusts to the land and leave their human population with nothing.
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