20 Strongest Dogs Who Can Easily Defeat Wild Animals

20 Strongest Dogs Who Can Easily Defeat Wild Animals

When you wanna be a top dog, strength and power are some of the most important attributes. And some dog breeds possess incredible physical prowess that can rival and even surpass that of wild animals. Just think about the mighty Chihuahua, these pups could take on a tiger! Only kidding, but there are plenty of breeds that might surprise you with their strength. From Argentina’s favourite pooch to the OG tough guy dog that’s been around since the Roman Empire, here are the 

20 Strongest Dogs Who Can Easily Defeat Wild Animals.


I watched the whole video waiting to see where pitbulls landed. You did great with the entire video. Your choice of cuts of other people's videos regarding pits was great. You did great bud. Thank you. I'm glad I watched it.

I have a Pitbull and he is the sweetest! He is 15 years old and all his life is really friendly! My son who is 1,5 years old ride him like a horse! My next dog is going to be for sure a Pitbull again! They are loyal smart and really love to be a part of a family!!

I'm ambivalent abt pits. My personal experience with them is they are wonderful pets. Unfortunately they can be aggressive if in tense situations. Plus I would never get one except from a puppy. You never know how they were raised.

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