Will Robot Spy Crab Survive The Killer Punch Of A Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Robot Spy Crab follows a peacock mantis shrimp in search of a meal but being disguised as a crab may not be the best choice!!!

Clip taken from episode 4 'Deep Trouble' of our series Spy in the Ocean. Spy in the Ocean is available on iPlayer in the UK: 

I find it both cute and funny that the female comes out with her babies in her arms, like she's saying, "have a good day sweetie", when the male goes hunting.

im a tf2 player and everytime he said spycrab i literally imagined a spycrab, and this is proof tf2 has changed stuff in my life

It really makes you wonder if there aren't so called "spy humans" amongst us from another place observing and documenting our behaviour lol


Will Robot Spy Crab Survive The Killer Punch Of A Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Video is made all the better if you imagine the little robot crab being piloted by The Doctor in his TARDIS, and that's just him narrating the whole thing.
"Oh you humans and always wanting to go see old dusty planets and aliens, when you got all this fantastic life right under your feet..."

Great footage. New tech is always improving the quality of footage of wildlife and I'm often surprised and impressed with what we get to see these days!

You know your mind is a mess when you immediately think of a Robot Spy Crab being a special enemy in Team Fortress 2's Mann vs Machine mode.
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