Most Unique Horses In The World

Back in the 70’s I was a little kid and my great uncle had two gigantic Belgian draft horses. We lived way up in the Appalachians. I mean our water came from a spring in the front yard and we carried buckets of water into the house. The outhouse was 30 yards from the house. There is still no cell service there. 

My uncle would hook a horse to a wooden pallet and it would drag him around the mountain while he stood on the pallet like a sled. Otherwise they were the farm tractor for people that couldn’t afford the mechanized version.



Most Unique Horses In The World

Hey Katrina!yes horses are absolutely amazing, majestic creatures but i think we should also put out there just how awful our world is to families been in the horse show business n rescuing for yrs now n what ppl dont tell you is how theres a HUGE market n slaughtering of them in Canada to France ect yes..its sick n guess what breeds are mostly in these slaughter houses?!appaloosa' yah..I have one of Seattle slews grandsons ..he had a split hoof so in "there" eyes useless..its terrible!

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