This Snake Messed with the Wrong Turtle

My Sulcata tortoise grew to be over 150 lbs and would dig tunnels over 40 feet long. The tunnels were big enough that you could crawl all the way into them. My grandkids could ride him. He was very friendly and always wanted to be around you or the other animals. He would keep my lawn mowed.

People view Turtles as nice, peaceful creatures, but in reality, these small creatures can be deadly at times. Despite their small sizes, They are able to defend themselves and attack incredibly large animals.

I saw a turtle once.  4 of them.  They came out of the sewers like ninjas.  Our foot soldier street gang had never seen anything like them.  Master Shredder sent us down to the sewer to find them, but all we found was an old TV and a bunch of empty pizza boxes.


This Snake Messed with the Wrong Turtle

I have learned SO MUCH about turtles this past year, and almost all of my new knowledge about them is nothing short of AMAZING!! They are smarter, more deadly, FASTER, and more cunning than I would ever have suspected in the past. My new found knowledge has given me a HUGE measure of RESPECT for all Turtles in the future!  The main thing I learned is, DO NOT PISS OFF THAT Turtle next to you because he or she is most likely "ONE BAD MUTHA" and will hurt you if he or she feels the need to!

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