Watch This Caterpillar Turn Into A Puss Moth

Watch This Caterpillar Turn Into A Puss Moth

Imagine going through all that just to get eaten by a bird. Imagine being like “Aw, hold on a sec, I hit a growth spurt, here, let me peel my old face off” A bit eerie, but truly fascinating. Big boy grew up to be so fluffy and cute 🥰

The most amazing thing is the fact the animal does everything instinctively. It somehow knows how to get out of the old skin and what to do with it. It knows when to make a cocoon and how. This is incredible! Nature is awesome :). Oh wow, honestly. They're so cute as a larvae, and so beautiful as a grown moth. I love to see videos like this, because people are usually scared of bugs so half the videos I happen to see are bad, but this is just amazing, I know I can always could on you , dodo, to have new amazing and wholesome animal videos. ❤


don't understand why so many people find this creepy. It is fascinating and beautiful. Many analogies about life can be made about this. Also the complexity of metamorphosis and nature can be observed in this video. The music is great also!. What i learned about certain caterpillar species is that each time they molt, they can look very different! But their biggest change happens when they turn into butterflies/moths, which is something I already knew.

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