10 Most Unique Lions in the World!

10 Most Unique Lions in the World!

The black lion and the Barbary lion were my favorite. I didn’t know there were any Barbary lions left and they’re beautiful! I also found it very interesting that there are a subspecies that climb trees! SUBSCRIBED! All lions and lionesses are beautiful, but I only knew of African and Asiatic, so many different species! Thanks for sharing your video. FYI yes there really are tree climbing lions there is even a documentary on it!

I just recently heard about a lion called the Bobay lion or something like that, I forgot what it's called but yeah, supposedly it was used for gladiator fights but they're are only two left and they are cousins of that specific breed. The ones named Rock or something and I unfortunately can't remember the other ones name. But yeah, they were gorgeous lions as well.


You forgot to mention the Tsavo lions. They are a subspecies of lion that the adult males are mane-less or in some cases they have a little mane along the back of their head and neck. They are also larger than most of the other lions mentioned here, in fact they resemble large lionesses. Also a pair of them were notorious for killing railroad workers back in 1888. They are called the Tsavo Man Eaters and a movie was made, ( The Ghost And The Darkness ) but the lions used in the film were 5 maned ones. 

The reason for this is because the Tsavo lions are very rare and more aggressive than the more known species. What the what!!? That black lion, with the silver in it’s mane was striking. I was absolutely spellbound by its majesty. The coat so silky and shiny and those eyes….not to mention it’s presence, it appeared to takeover the entire screen, yikes it was breathtaking. I believe the black should have been numero uno no doubt.

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