Satisfying & Relaxing with Catching Seafood

Fishing for seafood includes: shrimp, fish, octopus, creature, crab ,shark ...Let's see how the daily work of a Chinese fisherman is like? What seafood do you catch?

I love watching seafood fishing.The puffer fish was having tummy massage of its life


I and my siblings were just walking around our neighborhood or around our house, and we spotted a 4 leg snake. I was confused when I first spotted the snake. I called my siblings and they warn me not to go near the snake. I was about to go near the snake, thankfully I change my mind to not go there. I do not know what 4 leg snake can also do at that time. I was in 3rd grade at that time. I do know snakes are venomous but I did not think about the 4 leg snake being venomous or something. IDK

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