Unbelievable Three Turtle in Crocodile Stomach then Cooking Crocodile Recipe in Forest

It’s been 2 years and I still find it strange that they decided to shove turtles inside the croc after cutting it open for no reason lol. It looked like they had already opened the croc from the other side by the way the croc’s abdomen looks. Then at 4:00 it looks like the guy on the right had a turtle in his hand and possibly inserted a turtle from the other side. C’mon turtles looked so clean too.

The moment when you realize while the camera was turned all the way to the left they stuffed the turtles in the stomach. Ahh, I just love the sound of gutting and alligator and pulling out three turtles from its lifeless guts. It's the best ASMR I have ever heard....thank you YouTube, you always know what I want to watch. Their food was a real culinary marvel! They cooked a spice mixture that is similar in Indian cooking technique then added the already cooked gator meat to be bathed in that spicy sauce he cooked. Bravo!!!


Tbh I know all of the other turtle owners are confused af, cuz turtles like these cannot be found in the wild and is simply used as a pet. The turtles of the same breed (red eared slider) which are found in the wild have a somewhat black coloured shell. So I conclude by saying that the turtles were planted into the crocodile either in the part where the cameraman moves the camera away to prevent us from looking at the croc’s open body or in some other part of the video..

I hope you guys get what you deserve someday. even though the crocodile is still small and does not bother you and it is very bad that there may be a turtle in the crocodile's stomach. it looks like you guys have 🔥

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