Big Cat Powerful Become Prey Of The Giant Anaconda - Wild Animal Attacks

They've taken bits from different videos that I have already seen. The jaguar jumping into the water goes after a caiman. The bloodied up leopard is from a different video where he is being attacked by crocodiles. Two different videos. And the cat under water wrapped up by the snake is definitely a smaller cat. Perhaps an ocelot. A large anaconda might go after a jaguar but the outcome is not certain.

The part where the leopard with it's blood all over the water was a different footage. I already saw that video where that leopard was hunting a croc but ended up wrong instead he became the prey for the crocs. I love how his voice is so fricking deep, but his personality is a whole different level, from sounding mean and rude, to actually being sweet and nice ❤❤Wow it's really unexpected and very awesome 🔥🥰💋great


i didn't go in here thinking i was gonna see more than an anaconda vs a big cat fight o_O i jus was like whoa.. towards the end. Seeing nature up close like that and I'm thinking what if it tried to attack them and then i thought they already know humans are superior at this point and would shoot them down with steel. Gah dang nature! There really is no reason for a snake to get that damn big. 

 I wouldn't let my kid out of the house. We have rattlers and black widows on my property that scare me a bit but to just be eaten and have that thing slither away would freak me out.

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