Homeless Labrador mom tried to trick us, but we found all her puppies!!! Please share.

Bear is such a big beautiful dog I can't believe his owners didn't want him back. Shame on them and thanks to everyone involved in the rescue, fostering, and the rehoming of all these precious dogs❣️We LOVE what we do, and with YOUR HELP, we can do even more! Please join the Hope For Paws team with a small donation here: https://www.HopeForPaws.org 

I knew I would need the whole unit on this one, so JoAnn Wiltz, Katie McKittrick, and Loreta Frankonyte joined me on this dangerous rescue. A protective mom or dad can be very dangerous - we just make it look easy :-)

So beautiful to see the Rotty waiting patiently by the cage . "I'm next. Take me take ME!!! I think he would've driven the van . Ah the sweet smiles of success. A reward day for ALL. .... Thanks guys!! God is with you !She is such a beautiful and good mama! I am so moved and overwhelmed with emotions over you guys and what you do! Seeing all the babies and mama about made my heart explode with joy! And the way that Rotty remembered his rescuers and gave her kissies like that was so beautiful! Thank you guys so much for all you do .. you are literally saving gods angels 😇 God Bless!!!


Wow they got the mom, all the puppies the rottie and the pit. I was so relieved they managed to rescue all of them. May they all find the loving homes they deserve and be happy all the rest of their lives.🐶❤🐾Hello to the Hope for Paws foundation, I just felt compelled to to reach out to you to let you know as a Cardiac patent your videos are the best heart medication for us in the cardiac unit . Thank you so much! What a beautiful story!!! 

And the dogs are so beautiful!! And the Rottweiler is such a gentle giant and playful big boy!! I love how animals in the world cheers me up! I'm an animal lover also! We really really love you Hope for Paws!!! The puppies made me cry because they are SOOOOOO CUTE!!! 😍💖🐶🐕

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