Dog Cries Every Time He's Touched — Until He Meets This Woman

Best Kanye of all time? Thumbs up if you agree.Can't even begin to imagine what that poor baby must have gone through, those screams absolutely break my heart, please stop hurting and abusing animals.I was devastated by his scream. i cant even imagine what he's been through, why would anyone abuse this dog, he has an angel's soul.

The fact this dog was abused that bad...and can still try to regain trust with another human being not knowing if the same thing could happen again....breaks my heart but also makes me cry tears of joy seeing him trust someone who will never do harm. An animal's love is unconditional, how anybody could abuse that is beyond me.


I have never seen such fear in a dog before. His cries were absolutely gut wrenching to hear. What that poor little guy must've went heart literally tears apart at the mere thought of it. Those screams of terror will haunt my dreams, but that little series of barks afterwards, before he finally felt safe, were just as heartbreaking. It's like he was telling the caretaker, "I want to trust you, but I've been hurt so many times." Like he's actually trying to tell the caretaker what he's been through. And DESPITE all the abuse he endured, he's still filled with so much love to give. All it took was literally 2 minutes of being treated properly, and loved on, for him to calm down and begin to trust his new owner. After all that exposure to sheer horror, that's all it took for his love to start emerging. What a special, sweet little boy. To the new owner, treat that dog right, and spoil him often. And to the previous owner who mistreated him, you'll get yours someday...mark my words.👍💯👍

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