Amazing transformation of sick dog | rescue dog before and after

How can I say this? I’m grateful that they helped her, but this had to be the coldest rescue that I’ve ever seen! The way they threw her in the bag and even though she was so scared they never comforted her! There wasn’t any love it seemed more like a job that they had to do it , but their hearts weren’t really into it!

I totally agree with what others are seeing - and I’m glad others see what I’m seeing: this poor, precious little dog was rescued in an insensitive, uncaring way. Left in a cold, stark place. And after 60 days there, is completely afraid of those humans. If this was a legitimate rescue organization, that dog would at a very minimum feel safe and cared for by the humans around him after being there for two months. I’m so disturbed by this video.


Amazing transformation of her body. Her physical wounds have healed, and you've done a great job there, but she is still a very scared dog. After 2 months, she should've been jumping around happily. The wiper that you were using to herd her around, was scaring her. If only I could get my hands on that frigging Vet, I'd teach him a thing or two about being gentle. Please let one of the staff at the shelter bond with her, so she can overcome her past trauma & start trusting you again. This video has left me anxious.

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