7 Most Wonderful Natural Phenomena In The World

Top 7 of the most amazing and beautiful natural phenomena in the world that science has not yet explained cleary (Myth).

There a few Eternal Flame sites are in the Vrancea Seismic Zone, in Romania, but the type of gas is a self-igniting one, so even if it goes out it will just self-ignite, it's also said that before a large earthquake the flames get tall, for example a day before the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 1977 one of the flames started shooting up to 7 meters high (23 feet)

I have another hypothesis about Death Valley moving rocks: I believe the plates under Death Valley are constantly moving but ever so slightly that it can’t be felt by humans but just enough to move the rocks above

I saw one big roll cloud in my city one morning. Right where the jets were seeding clouds to make it rain. It seems they are becoming more common with weather modification.

Watch the video below to see 7 Most Wonderful Natural Phenomena In The World


Super quality close-up footage of some breathtaking and even scary phenomena. All under the umbrella of 'nature'. In my opinion, Nature and the Wildlife & Birds within are the Greatest Free Show on Earth - if you have a little patience and 'see' what is around you. A wonderful share my friend, well done and thank you. 👍◕‿◕

Great, now I want to seek out more info on the ones I have not heard about. First, I will watch the documentary on the blue holes. Then, the eternal flame. Thanks 4 Ever Green. 😜😝

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