Most dangerous places in the world

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The pictures you posted for the second entry are not from the area of the Danakil Desert in Ethopia that you show on your map. They are from the Danakil Depression on the border between Ethiopia and Djibouti further to the South. And yes, the place is hell on Earth, but the place with the features is where the rift causes hot springs and volcanic features. The desert you highlight on your map is not the entire desert. The majority of the features you have pictures of are around a series of lakes along the Ethiopia-Djibouti border.

Yeah, Death Valley is extremely hot, during the day. But it can be more than freezing at night. Minus 18 degrees at night is the record for the coldest there. Camped there with family once. It was over 100 during the day so we didn’t even think about bundling up for night. It was in the 30’s that night..

Awesome, totally awesome SPOTLIGHT. Every part of the World has it's Mystery and Phenomenal settings. It's good to show the audience some of it. Snake Island, I don't think so. Good Job SPOTLIGHT, Thumps up!

Watch the video below to see (Put Title)


You forgot Devil's Sea! they have many disappearance than Bermuda Triangle. They have 2 names. The Dragon's Triangle and Pacific Bermuda Triangle. Locate in Babuyan Islands, Guam, and Japan.

Thank you very much Sir for showing the world the dangerous part of the Planet, Seeing Bamuda, Eritrea ldonecshia island of Snake's and many others. Thank you very much Sir for continued showing us this funny beautiful videos.

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