15 Strange Animal Phenomena That Happened On Earth

Nature never ceases to amaze . These animal kingdom oddities may seem like urban legends, but they all actually happened and had real-life scientists scratching their heads. Here are 15 Strange Animal phenomena that happened on earth .

Raining anything besides rain water is creepy. Kind of scared to walk outside now. I can't help but wonder... what else is living in the limestone of Narcisse, that could sustain the feedings of all those snakes 😱

It has been known for decades that deer travel in certain directions. In Va. were I learned to hunt and fish with my family we used dogs to get them out of heavy cutovers, and we were on the edge of the zone where you couldn’t because the deer run north/south, and you couldn’t use dogs within 20 miles south of I-95.

My grandad remembers in the early 1950-60 approx. it rained live frogs.. he’s said this numerous times like it was just normal in Marion

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In the mid 1990's I was on the island of Grand Cayman at the west end and the whole. area was covered in tiny red crabs. Millions of them on the beach, the road and unfortunately even inside our ground floor condo. Some were as tiny as small ants. We were there for a week and had to keep sweeping the walls and floor and them out the door.

Like i don't know if this is acknowledged or not but last month in the evening a flutter of butterflies all of the same color were literally wandering only above my house not in the group here and there but still I had never seen so many of them fly all together all of the same color it was magical to see that something id never forget.🦋

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