CUTE Animals That Can Be DEADLY!

CUTE Animals That Can Be DEADLY!

Check out these cute animals that can be deadly! These animals are actually dangerous and can kill you, so be careful! 

My big brother was the lawyer that represented the victims family of the man who was attacked by the swan and drowned. It was so sad. My brother said his family was absolutely heartbroken (understandably). He said it was one of the hardest cases he ever took on because of the craziness of it all and the mans children being so young. It affected my brother for a while, you could tell that case was really rough on him.

CUTE Animals That Can Be DEADLY!


I get why #4 the deer is a threat.One time, my mom and me were driving to my school, when I looked up and saw a MASSIVE deer in the road and hit had LARGE antlers.As soon as 2 secs went by it automatically CHARGED towards our car, and me and my mom started screaming! That’s when my mom drove around it as quickly as she could,and we were safe; true story, and I’m just 11 yrs old 

I had a teacher when I went to A School (Navy stuff) that had to walk through a forest to get to school everyday (He lived in Alaska at the time) and one day as he walking he came across an angry moose that chased him around and up a tree. And it wouldn’t leave him alone for a few hours. 

When he finally got to school his teachers didn’t believe that he was chase up a tree by a moose.

The story still makes me laugh because I hear it in his thick accent. Russian I think.

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