CRAZIEST Things Ancient Romans Did!

CRAZIEST Things Ancient Romans Did!

Actually, during the Republic, the Consuls (Military leaders) did fight on the ground. Also, though some generals didn't fight on the ground, they knew how to fight. You have to have 10 years of military experience for the lowest political office in Rome.

Here is a top list of 20 history facts you probably didn't know about the ancient Roman Empire. From bloody gladiator fights at the colosseum to insane emperors drinking poison. From women sporting a unibrow to gluttony to the point of vomiting. Find out what Julius Caesar and the Senate were really up to.  


CRAZIEST Things Ancient Romans Did!

First of all, commanders weren't force to kill themselves in case of defeat.
Second: at the time of Caligola republic was over.
Third: Romans ruled Italian peninsula (first), and the known world (later) because they were very well organized, as demonstrated by the fact they were brilliant engineers. This partially explain why they didn't care to much for metaphysic which was considered too speculative while they developed other disciplines of philosophy.
Fourth: some of them may have had bizarre behaviour but they are mostly remembered for assembling and consolidating the fundamental elements of western culture (copyright by Greeks).

11 is completely wrong. Greek was spoken by every man and his dog. EG all NT letters were originally in Greek and some of those were written by slaves (EG Luke). Koine Greek was the trade language of the Med from the time of Alexander the Great. Most of the NT apocrypher was also written in Greek. The only document that was not was the Gospel of Judas (written in Alexandria in Koptic as a parody of the Apostolic Church). Surviving trade documents are mostly in Greek and so are many personal letters.

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