10 Most Fearless Animals in the World

10 Most Fearless Animals in the World

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Ever wondered which animal not to pick a fight with?

There are millions of animal species in the world. And whether they’re Cute, ugly, cuddly, spiky, vicious, large or just downright weird, these are the animals that show zero fear in the face of seemingly unsurmountable odds. Sometimes squaring up against beasts twice, three times their size. From skydiving dogs to microscopic bears, these are animals with nothing to lose

Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green and if you ever wanted to know exactly which animal you should never stare down in a bar brawl this is the video for you. And even if you know your wolves from your wolverines, we don’t think you’ll be expecting what makes our number 1 slot.

10 Most Fearless Animals in the World


I watched a raccoon approach a mama cat on my porch one evening. She was in a box on the porch and I watched in case I needed to intervene, but I worried for nothing. The kitty's babies were in the box with her, and as this sleepy raccoon bumbled up onto the porch, snooping around for food, this mama cat just stood up and started to arch. She seemed to get taller and taller until finally, a little bit baffled, the raccoon decided he wasn't taking any chances and went on his way. I was impressed with that mama cat, she was fierce.

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