20 Times Dogs Mess With The Wrong Cat

20 Times Dogs Mess With The Wrong Cat

Welcome to the eternal battle between cats and dogs, the never-ending feud that has spanned centuries and kept households on the edge of their seats. It's a rivalry as old as time itself, but who said it can't be funny? And don't be fooled, my dear friends, for dogs are not always the victorious ones in this epic struggle. Even the fiercest canines aren't always ready for feline fury! So, hold on to your seats and get ready for a hilarious and pun-filled ride, because this battle is far from over.

From a very special kitty that has become a neighborhood hero, to the scariest and more badass of dog breeds being slapped by a mere house cat, here are 20 Times Dogs Mess With The Wrong Cat!

I had two cats and two dogs that were all introduced at different times and they got along great.  One of the cats even became the house leader and often told people and dogs when to go to bed.

Also cats CAN BE trained.  I currently have one of my cats trained to sit quietly and wait for its food.  Both of the cats are trained to sit and stay on command.  Cats CAN BE trained, it can just take a little extra time.


20 Times Dogs Mess With The Wrong Cat

The dog, #10, isn't pure German Shepherd, it's possibly half German German Shepherd (as opposed to the popular American German Shepherd), and half what seems a mix of several, possibly some collie but lots of mutt, but as Shepherd has strong DNA it's pretty dominant, I'm sure if it wanted the cat would've been no more. Luckily one of Shepherds qualities is tolerance and obedience, else they would have an ex-kitty.

Feral cats are just instinctively protecting their territories. Unfortunately, dogs instinctively don’t want to stop. Strength of numbers, is needed to live totally independent. Their territories are their home, and invaders can takeover.

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