Guy Rescues An Egg And Becomes A Swan Dad For Life

The love from our pets are the purist form there is.

They're so beautiful. And so dedicated to their chosen ones. It's just amazing how permanently they love, without any human condition.

This relationship is so majestic, so singular… watching these two is like watching an amazing ballet. 

So utterly beautiful…

The way the swan was 'petting' him with his beak: so cute.😊

Guy rescues a tiny, cracked egg and becomes Dad to a swan who follows him everywhere — even to help with holiday shopping❤️ 


Guy Rescues An Egg And Becomes A Swan Dad For Life

Needed a box of cleanx happy tears , what a beautiful Christmas Time video of total love between a swan and a man I'm so moved and full of joy after watching simply beautiful God bless these two beautiful inseparable creatures πŸ™πŸ’—

I love this story ❤ Birbs have always been a part of my life in so many ways. I especially like how there is no talking in this video, just a few geese honks and hisses. Bless this man and his feathered friend til the end πŸ™

Growing up my dad rescued an injured😒 black swan from the holding pond next to our home. She was beautiful and graceful and had a wonderful bond with my whole family. Loved watching this story !
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