Amazing Octopus vs Underwater Maze

It’s incredible how intuitively intelligent they are in such a short lifespan

Sashimi is AMAZINGLY intelligent. It’s such a joy watching what you come up with as the obstacles. Your narrative speed as well as  how you explain what’s happening and why. It’s a great way to review our past science classes. Happy New Year and have a prosperous year.

I was so engrossed in this! I learned so much and became emotional at the end. I can not wait to learn more about them. Thank you so much for this fascinating plethora of information regarding this distinct creature. 


Amazing Octopus vs Underwater Maze

I love how much effort you put in the videos. It´s not just entertaining you can learn so much from this. Especially the graphics to the information, it´s a lot easier to understand the complexity of biology. Love this video! :)

Hearing that they will automatically single out one person and squirt water on them every chance they get just makes me want one even more! I wouldn’t even care if it wasn’t me it picked to squirt water on. Just being there seeing it and the fact that my pet octopus singled out a friend or family member of mine and will squirt them every time it sees them is enough for me 😂
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