7 Animals That Can Kill an Elephant

7 Animals That Can Kill an Elephant


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They say no animal stands a snowball’s chance in hell against killing a full grown elephant. After all, Elephants are one of the most powerful and the largest land animal on Earth. African Elephants are the largest of the species, and can grow up to 13 feet tall while often weighing well over 6 tonnes! But it’s more than sheer power and weight you’d have to put up with to take down one of these massive beasts. 

Elephants are also known for their impenetrable skin, their deadly tusks––and yes, sometimes even their speed! A few African Elephants have been clocked in at speeds of up to 25 mph. While they won’t outrun a cheetah any time soon, all things combined, these creatures have more than enough to make sure no predator can get the jump on them––or so we’d like to think.


7 Animals That Can Kill an Elephant

Today, we’re bringing you the few select animals smart and strong enough to take down one of these majestic creatures both in groups, and sometimes even single handedly! So without further ado, here are 9 Animals That Can Kill an Elephant. Make sure you stick around for #1, because it will probably surprise you!

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