20 Most Unusual Restaurants In The World

20 Most Unusual Restaurants In The World

When we go to a restaurant, the main things we are looking for is great service and amazing food. But there are some restaurants out there which are determined to go above and beyond and provide even more. Never mind the food and drinks, these are places you can go for truly unforgettable experiences! From the Chinese restaurant where the tastiest dishes are the servers themselves to the futuristic restaurant where robots bring the evening to life, here’s the 20 Most Unusual Restaurants In The World.

At 0:31 exactly what does the channel producer mean by the servers are the tastiest? 

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20 Most Unusual Restaurants In The World

I’m all for people being able to choose for themselves but I have a problem with that extra large restaurant in Vegas. We shouldn’t be celebrating obesity. Obesity leads to so many deaths. We shouldn’t be starting our kids down that road. That poor guy died at 29. Do we really want to support our kids following the same eating habits.

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