Damn Nature You Scary | Rare & Scary Animal Encounters 😱

Nature is awesome and there are some beautiful creatures. We should do everything to protect them but I would never put myself up as prey in their habitat. You never know when they’re having a bad day or they just don’t like the way you smell or you smell like a cheese burger.  I love and support them respectfully from a distance.

Didn't realize the elk could sound like that.... Clearly that's the 1st time you've ever had an experience with that majestic beauty who sounds like an angel 😍 I love the call an elk makes


Damn Nature You Scary | Rare & Scary Animal Encounters 😱

I hope you enjoyed today’s reminder that our animal brothers and sisters aren’t always in the mood to play our silly human games, and can take us right back to our primitive beginnings if the situation calls for it. Hit that like button and be sure to subscribe. We’ll have another hair-raising presentation up before you know it. See you next time.

Sometimes humans are faced with such dangerous animals, which we cannot even imagine,
After watching all these video clips, it seems that in reality all of us are always surrounded by dangers somewhere.

I really liked this video

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