20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

Fruit - it’s good for you. We should all be eating more fruit especially in these times that are giving our immune systems some challenges. But eating a banana every day can get pretty boring. What you need is a little variety of flavour, so how about something a little more exciting than the regular old apples and oranges? From the fruit that grows near the amazon river to the fruit that speaks the language of love, here’s the  20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of


20 Most Unique Fruits You've Never Heard Of

Most fruits we know in the Philippines originated in Tropical Central, South America. From Atis to Zapote. Real Filipino fruits are banana, mango and Jackfruit. Now dominated worldwide grown mostly in Mexico for Jackfruit, Several banana republics now export Cavendish Banana. Mangoes above and below the equator assures a all year supply Some  unpopular fruits usually from Africa are sold as curiosities. There are more Jackfruit from Mexico than anywhere else.

I've heard of all these fruits other than the first one. Lots of weird, but tasty ones to be sure. The fruit I want to try more than anything is the Black Sapote. Basically chocolate pudding in a fruit lol.

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