Do Not Look Away Challenge

 Do Not Look Away Challenge

We’ve all been there, on a deep dive through YouTube into the small hours and suddenly we start to wonder, how did I even end up watching this random thing? So you click on something else in the sidebar and then…uh oh, get me out of here! You land on one of the disturbing and terrifying nightmare videos YouTube was once legendary for. But…even though you could just click back, you don’t! You have to watch it…you have accepted the do not look away challenge and there’s no turning back now! From the boy covered in parasites to the magical pirate ship, here’s the 20 Most Disturbing YouTube Videos of All Time.



I do not feel sorry for the boy with all the ticks. For one thing, I don't believe it, and for second, he has fingers for petes sake!!! You gotta pick them off!!! What the dang-dooy!! Pick them off, have your friends help you, get your mom to do it, it only takes two fingers to pick off a dang tick!!!

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