This Camera Captured a Creature That Doesn’t Exist In Nature

This Camera Captured a Creature That Doesn’t Exist In Nature

What did we do before cameras? We just assumed that the world was tiny and stopped outside the field of our vision. But now, thanks to technology, we know that's not the case. The animal kingdom, in particular, is full of weird and wonderful animals. And we finally get to see them all... whether we want to or not. From a sinister-looking moth to a living fossil, let's meet 20 Strange Creatures People Have Captured On Camera!

I hope the large bird ( there's information on it below) is now free.   I hope the people who took the bird gave it a safe environment to be in and it is freed after they do whatever they have to to identify it.    I felt very sad for the bird being poked a pulled about by those people who chained it up.   They could have damaged its wings.    God love the poor bird I hope it is safe then freed.    Everything that lives must be protected. 


The experts have been wrong more often than not so that's definitely reason to keep an open mind to the slight possibility of anything experts say being completely wrong and or completely right and or somewhere between the lines of both and or beyond their previous acknowledgement. Exstinct spieces are not always as extinct as previously thought by experts and sometimes are hidden in plain sight in places experts have already explored dozens of times and thinking they've combed every inch of those places with a fine comb only to be shocked. Also experts are always discovering new spieces and or sub sources of known species. Experts even having to continuously revaluate everything they knew and or thought they knew about a particular spiece and or spieces and or sub spieces and or newly discovered spieces.

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