7 Animals That Can Kill a Lion Easily

7 Animals That Can Kill a Lion Easily

 7 Animals That Can Kill a Lion Easily

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They say only a lion can kill a lion, but mighty and strong as they are, even these wildcats sometimes become the victims of their intended prey.  

There are in fact a handful of animals who are big, brave and strong enough to put up a fight that can end very badly for the lion and defeat him easily.

Are you ready to meet the king of the jungle’s most fearsome opponents? These situations are like animals fighting and messing with wrong opponents. 

Hello there and welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green. Today, we’re counting down the few Animals That Can Actually Kill A Lion. And if you’re wondering whether a tiger would win a showdown against a lion, you’ll definitely want to stick around for number 1, because the jungle may well have a new king.


I remember watching this video a homeless man in New York a year ago. Seeing this brought tears to my eyes as how much better my life is now and this video is still here. Never give up in life. No condition is permanent

This makes me wish there was a game where we could  play as a lion. Hunting, traveling around in different climates and places, evolving, getting stronger. Kinda like the Maneater game, but with a lion and more realistic.

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