Trail Camera Captures What No One Was Supposed to See

Trail cameras are used by photographers, hunters, landowners, and wildlife enthusiasts to observe wildlife without being intrusive. These small, stealthy, but high-quality devices have proven to be useful in tracking wild creatures in their natural habitat with little to no disturbances.

Some landowners like installing these cameras simply to observe the land around their homes, and most of the time, trail cams capture things that are only interesting to those that are into wildlife. But occasionally, they capture some interesting and unexpected clips.

In this video, I’ll show you some of the spookiest, and the most bizarre things trail cameras captured.

From a real zombie to an unexpected friendship, here are the 15 weirdest things ever caught on trail cams.

Watch the video below to see Trail Camera Captures What No One Was Supposed to See


I live in the UK and our security camera recorded exactly the same three orbs moving towards the house, hovering over the terrace and moving off very fast into the distance.

I was driving on I-90 in Montana at 6 am, and I noticed a big, round, yellow orb following me. At first it scared me, but I felt it was protecting me. It stayed on for a minute or so and then blinked off. Then this happened two more times. And the interesting thing is that I had a reading before I went on this trip, and the first thing my friend got were coordinates. We had no idea what this was and then figured out later that it was coordinates. And where I saw this orb was almost exactly at the same coordinates that my friend got in the reading!

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