Dash Cam Captures What No One Was Supposed To See

Getting on the road is something that is always full of surprises, and since the invention of dash cams, drivers can now effortlessly document everything they see while out and about. The result have been clips that are nothing shy of terrifying, shocking and inexplicable.

From heart stopping encounters with ghost children on the highway to near misses and encounters with Batman, follow along for 15 times dash cam captures what no one was supposed to see.

Regarding the clowns, I understand it’s wrong if you’re knocking on someone’s door in the middle of the night in a clown suit or if you’re standing in front of traffic. But in this final video I don’t understand how just standing on the sidewalk in a clown outfit is an illegal act.

The narrator of the video says they’re getting their justice, but I want to know what it was that they did that was illegal. Is the fact that some people are scaredy cats when they see pranksters in clown outfits enough to make it illegal to stand on a sidewalk in a clown costume? I don’t know what it was that they did to justify they’re getting arrested, but the narrator of this video doesn’t know either, so his comment seems a bit premature.

Watch the video below to see Dash Cam Captures What No One Was Supposed To See


I've had 2 experiences while living on my sailboat in Portland OR. I was on the phone w my daughter when out of nowhere my mast was struck by lightening. The strike was so loud my poor little girl, 31yrs old, thought my boat had exploded, & began yelling frantically. When I spoke, saying I was OK, she asked what the HELL WAS THAT?? I told her I had been struck by lightening. She asked if there was a storm & I told her no, it came out of nowhere.

Several months later I must have been hit by what I can only describe as a large micro tornado. It sounded like a large RR engine, or jet engine, lifted my boat 6 inches, & dissapeared. I truly thought it took sails, mast, rigging & rope off the top of my poor boat. Nope. It had encircled my boat & everything on deck was in it's place.

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