Fisherman Captures What No One Was Supposed to See

Fisherman Captures What No One Was Supposed to See

There are thousands of mysteries inside the ocean water that are yet to be discovered. For many years, sailors and fishermen shared a lot of stories about the things they see encounter while trying to make a living in the ocean. Today, many people have fishing as their hobby and passion. Day by day, people continue to have pretty bizarre, and amazing experiences while fishing. Thanks to cameras, the internet is a treasure trove of interesting clips. From ‘living dinosaur’ to easy catch, here are 15 most shocking fishing moments in the world.

we've only explored 5% of our ocean,we have no idea what lives in the deep depths of the ocean cause we have nothing to handle the ocean pressure and I'm sure alot of sea animals that we've never seen before can handle that sort of thing that we can't

The sea lion breaks my heart:( We are so awful to their habitat. Poor buddy was probably terrified and I hope they let him enjoy some snacks:) God Bless!!!

The humpback whale is a baleen whale, and it's diet consists of Plankton and Creel, and is incapable of swallowing anything bigger than that. It is what's known as a filter feeder. So you were probably right and the whale didn't see the kayaker. Personally, I believe that that the whale saw the kayaker and was just being playful. Only because if there is whale watching in that area, then the whale would be accustomed to humans.

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As recently as 100 years ago Newfoundland fishermen were aware of the shipboard danger of giant squid. If the fishing vessel was attacked firearms were highly discouraged as finding its brain was very difficult. Instead axes and large knives were utilized to chop every single tentacle arm seen on the ship.

My sister once caught a seagull, as she was casting. I really wanted to grab the pole & play the gull, but the line snapped, & off went the gull. She hasn't been fishing since.

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