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Actually Idukki Dam from Kerala is not so dangerous compared to another dam which is above idukki dam which is known as "Mullaperiyar Dam" - it is the most oldest dam made on surkhi mixture

Bro Idukki dam is not dangerous as u think but as compared which is above Idukki dam called "mullaperiyar dam" which is the most dangerous dam in indian it was built accross 126 years ago so we can't expect when it was going to be a big disaster in kerala.One thing we can do as to pray for it. to save 50 lakh above people in Kerala and Tamil nadu

We can imagine the dam which reduced the rotation of earth timing by 0.06 micro seconds and which needed 27 M m³ of concrete vastness is. so I think 3 gorges dam of china is the most dangerous dam in the world.

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Bro, Yalong River is not the largest river in South East Asia. But it is one of the tributaries of the Yangtze River which itself is the largest in Asia and 3rd largest in the World.

The hole in which the man has fallen is not of that Monlicello Dam it is of an Indian dam. Research properly and depict factually.

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