This Turtle Survived 19 Years Of Torture...

From a turtle trapped in a plastic ring to whales eating massive amounts, here are 10 sad and unfortunate things caused by plastic. I’m trying to reduce the amount of plastic I bring home. I started with reusable fruit and vegetable bags.... they’re nothing new by any means, but I use crocheted string bags, they really don’t weigh that much compared with the cost of the earth.... every little bit helps and you gotta start somewhere. Baby steps.

I liked this video although I was 🙁 sad all the way through it. We are an invasive species.. we must be stopped. We must stop ourselves from hurting so many animal species worldwide before we end up starving ourselves. Yes I eat animals and not ashamed of it.. BUT... we still must protect the animals and their food sources so they, but not all species, can still be our food source.


12:02 As the whale trawls for Plankton, it invariably takes in the plastic debry. really very simple, isn't it. These scientists should go back to school, as they obviously don't know their vocations. The Q-tip and seahorse picture was staged, especially since that kind of Q-tip would degrade very quickly. Besides that the seahorse seems to be using it to help itself through the current. Being out in the open and not in it's normal habitat. Seahorses live in dense kelp/seaweed forests. So the Q-tip was helping it to survive.

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