Elephant Of The God, Power Of Mother Animals - Wildebeest Protect Newborn From Cheetah Hunting

Amazing Elephant Herd Protect Mom & Newborn Elephant From Lion Pride Hunt, Elephant Giving Birth. Elephant Of The God! Elephant Herd Rescue Baby Monkey From Leopard Huning. Power Of Mother Animals! Wildebeest Protect Newborn From Cheetah Hunting, Lion vs Leopard.

I knew leopards could claim trees but didn't know they could jump from tree to tree like this one did he had a good teacher or he/ she learned it on her own. Amazing to watch and see the elephants protecting the monkeys too.


I'm just so glad that the baby monkey was reunited with it's mother, thanks to the elephant. But it was distressing to watch the impala literally being eviscerated alive. Although it's nature but sometimes nature can be cruel.The leopard is so agile seem like he jumped from a limb that wasn't even 10 in around I would hate to be to pray animal and deliver it was chasing me you can't win you can't run in a tree you can't run on foot you fucked.
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