The most powerful earthquakes caught on camera | Tsunami in Japan, earthquake in Mexico and others

Seeing this makes me very sad, I remember the earthquake of 1984 in September and then on the same dates in 2017, seeing these images and many more from that time in my country Mexico, it makes me shudder to know that many lives were lost, but we can't do anything against nature, just make better foundations in our buildings, as is being done today. See the tsunamis in Japan, earthquakes in Nepal, those in Asia, it's terrifying, we will never forget these,

We are microbes, in comparison with the universe, it’s a pity for people, but we ourselves are guilty of our troubles, what we did to the planet, so many animals, insects and everything else died out, they polluted mother earth, so she will destroy us, where there are showers, hail, where there is a terrible drought as in Altai and in the Dominican Republic and in other places, the fires are so terrible, but too late, a spiral of extinction has been launched, to whom how much is measured, he will live as long


Earthquake - tremors and vibrations of the earth's surface. According to modern views, earthquakes reflect the process of the geological transformation of the planet. It is believed that the primary cause of earthquakes are global geological and tectonic forces, but at present their nature is not entirely clear. The appearance of these forces is associated with temperature changes in the bowels of the Earth. Most earthquakes occur at the edges of tectonic plates. 

It has been noted that over the past two centuries, strong earthquakes have arisen as a result of the ripping of large faults that come to the surface. In this video, we bring to your attention a selection of powerful earthquakes and tsunamis that we managed to capture on camera. During such disasters, people should not be up to shooting, but it is not uncommon for a lot of video materials to appear on the network, some of the videos may be the last in the life of the operator.

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