Hunting and Eating Rare African Animals with the Hadza Tribe!!

Sonny is sooo respectful to others and has no prejudice. This is what makes him so trust worthy to other cultures. Because of his experiences, he automatically blends in with people of all kind. I’ve learned so much throughout the years, it’s helped me grow extremely opened minded and explore the world from my limited ability to travel. Not only that but it’s pushed me to explore different foods, cook different cultures foods, I’m less afraid to try new things. I’ve fell inlove with cooking because it’s a way I learned to bring other parts of the world to me. Sonny’s channel has been a huge part of my life growing up as a young adult ❤ I couldn’t be more thankful ❤

I was introduced to your channel when you had the Egypt nightmare, and I am so happy that I was. I've watched so much of your stuff, because just like this video, it is really cool and interesting to watch the differences between continents, countries, cultures, but also the similarities in some. You are a true legend, Sonny, and I greatly appreciate how your channel has challenged the negative thoughts and opinions I used to have on certain foods. And much love for how you respectfully explore and show the cultures of all these various people of the world. This truly is the Best Ever Food Review Show.


The true effort Sonny made in pronouncing the tribesmen names on the narration is a very little yet nice touch that shows the imense respect this man has for any peoples' culture and ways. This channel is nothing short of amazing, honestly.

I enjoy most of the content this channel puts out but this specific 3 part series is BY FAR my favorite! This is probably the most fascinated I've been watching a food review show EVER and I LOVE that it's not JUST about the food. Like, I love that Sonny is actually willing to participate and learn about other cultures instead of simply dismissing anything he's unfamiliar with. 💖 This is a wonderful show and amazing series 💯

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