Little boy waits patiently on dock every morning for his giant buddy to greet him

This is really amazing. It's also good to see that the boy knows to respect boundaries and doesn't go too far (e.g. jumping in with the ray). The ray flapping back to the boy was so fantastic. Thank you for sharing :)

The ray seems pretty happy and content to me. I don't see why it would hurt the boy unless he started attacking it. Just because it's not a dog doesn't mean it's stupid or emotionless, people.


I'm a stingray and I approve this behavior. We won't attack first, what happened with Steve was a big misunderstanding. The young human by the name of Joel is a great friend of one of our own. We're having Joel and his family over for dinner later this week. Hopefully things will turn out OK. While I am here, I will respond to any questions our fellow Earthlings will direct into our attention. I speak for the S.R.U. when I say this. The Sting-Ray Union is a peaceful directive and we've been thinking about how to get bonded with humans over the past few thousand of years.

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