Amazed Dad Loves Filming His Daughter’s ‘Gentle’ Friendship With 15-Foot Pythons

COMING face to face with two 15-foot pythons would be enough to terrify anybody, but one father-daughter duo is showing the world that snakes are not a species to be feared. Ed is a proud owner of two reticulated pythons – six-year-old Sonny and five-year-old Cher. Emi, Ed’s seven-year-old daughter, can often be seen on social media cuddling and playing with the snakes – totally unphased by their size or capacity for danger.

4:00 when she said "Stay with me forever Cher." That's when I felt how much she loves the animal. She may be young, and it could be dangerous to have a snake wrapped around you like that. But yet she shows no fear. Because she trusts Cher.For him to have social anxiety to allow a film crew of ppl come into his home to share his daughter and his animal/home world is a ton of bravery ill say


I love that he said “I would never leave my daughter unsupervised with ANY animal” such a great point. Any animal has the potential to be dangerous, but I love that he’s teaching her how to handle these beautiful snakes with care/respect. Really cool to see, she’s gunna treasure these memories later on in life 💕🐍.

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