15 Weirdest Beauty Standards Around The World

15 Weirdest Beauty Standards Around The World

There was a time when we all were shocked by the news that Jennifer Lopez had insured her greatest physical asset for a billion dollars. And then her unusual feature became the beauty standard! But who the hell was the trendsetter in these crazy tribes?!!!!! 

Today we’re going to show you the most insane rituals and beauty standards from around the world that will shock you! The Himba tribe of Namibia doesnt bath because the paste they apply to their skin also replaces showering. It removes dirt and hydrates the skin leaving a moisturizer and sun block. Its not so much because "it'll ruin their hair"

The lotus foot fashion wasnt simply binding of the feet. Even at a young age,your feet wouldnt be that small, their feet were forcibly broken, preferably in midwinter when the cold would easily numb it. Most women who have lived long enough to have it will tell you of the excruciating pain, as well as the lasting effects, as many women as young as their late teens/early twenties would have significant issues walking or standing for long periods of time, as such it mostly happened to upper middleclass and above women, who didnt need to do as much physical labour.


To everyone in the comments saying “I’ll never try that”: you won’t try it because it’s not considered a beauty standard where you come from, if you were part of those tribes, you would definitely do all of them to appeal to the other gender, regardless of wether you like it or not.

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