This Is Why Touching a Dead Whale Is So Dangerous

Ask anybody that’s seen the Final Destination movies and they’ll agree: we exist in a very dangerous world. You never know when something bad may happen that could cost you your life. So how do you prepare for that And what do you do We’re gonna save some lives today, my friends. From exploding guts to venomous creatures, we’re sharing 20 Unknown Facts That Might Save Your Life One Day!

As a kid, I had sunstroke once. My bestie’s Mom sent me home when she found me almost passed out on her front porch. My friend and her lil Sis kept me balanced on my bike, while each of them took one side. No idea how I got all the way home. Clearly, I must’ve gotten home alright, cuz I’m still here. TGoodness for Ms Bryant and both of her kids.


I and my siblings were just walking around our neighborhood or around our house, and we spotted a 4 leg snake. I was confused when I first spotted the snake. I called my siblings and they warn me not to go near the snake. I was about to go near the snake, thankfully I change my mind to not go there. I do not know what 4 leg snake can also do at that time. I was in 3rd grade at that time. I do know snakes are venomous but I did not think about the 4 leg snake being venomous or something. IDK

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