20 Mythical Creatures That Were Only Seen Once

I once saw a weird creature, I don’t know what it was but it was very pale, it walked on 4 legs but if it stood up it could possibly reach 10 feet or higher, this thing ran fast really fast, for an example of how fast it ran: if it ran at me full charge it would easily explode me with the sear force of it hitting me, and this creature made no sound while running back and forth, it was muscular yet looked as if it was starving, you could see the outline of the ribcage through the skin, I never saw its face because it was pitch black outside and I only saw the body under a street light, it was also looking off into the field near where I live as if it was hunting something, it was probably best if I didn’t see the face of this Thing because id either be severely traumatized or scattered across the smaller field in small chunks not to far from the Main Field.


20 Mythical Creatures That Were Only Seen Once I did have an ex that never saw a Narwhal until watching Animal Planet with me. It was hilarious. 😂

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