If NASA Didn’t Capture This, No One Would Believe It

If NASA Didn’t Capture This, No One Would Believe It

If NASA Didn’t Capture This, No One Would Believe It Nasa have been busy up in space getting on with space stuff all the while we’ve been dealing with…well, all the crazy stuff of the 2020s so far. And to keep a little calm, we haven’t been hearing too much about what exactly Nasa has been finding in space. Not quite ready for ‘prime time’, some of these images, otherwise the whole planet might just go completely bananas. From the giant Texan fireball to the weirdest cloud in the world, here’s 20 Unexplained Things Caught in the Sky 
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Regarding the ‘angel’ in the sky- whether it was an actual angel, some other unknown being, a cloud or other atmospheric phenomenon (which would presumably, be explainable at some point) it was interesting, beautiful and provoked a profound sense of wonder in the astronauts who personally witnessed it, as well as inciting the same emotion in at least this particular web denizen. If you do believe in a creator- then all of those possibilities are equally wonderful and all come from the same place. If you don’t believe- surely your life could use a little more wonder and this certainly provided that.


Raining frogs is a real thing,I personally witnessed such an event in1990 outside of Monmouth Oregon I was driving and a terential downpour hit ,there were thousands of baby bullfrogs falling in the rain bouncing off of my truck. I even stopped and collecting some of them..So it does actually happen.

Me and my dad and my brother were snowboarding in Colorado at The Breckenridge resorts. When we were going up a lift to a double black on the top of the mountain we saw a super bright glowing orb of light at the top of the mountain just appear suddenly and I swear to God not even two minutes later the orb started moving at a high ass rate of speed that we couldn’t even see it then to military looking jets flew overhead over top of the mountain where the orb was. I’d say everybody on the lift saw it happen and was definitely the talking point of the night

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