Former Navy Officer Tells Us What He Saw While Diving In The Arcti

Former Navy Officer Tells Us What He Saw While Diving In The Arcti

There’s a whole world out there under the ocean that we hardly know anything about. In fact we know more about space than we do about what’s at the bottom of our own seas. Many people have pointed out that this could mean there are some very strange things going on down there that we just don’t know about. From the elevator of doom to the weirdest spider in the world, here’s the 20 Most Terrifying Things Recently Discovered Underwater.

Although it’s impossible to do, if let’s say for example, that the world’s ocean was fully drained of water, ( and yes we all be in colossal trouble due to drought ) what could be discovered at the bottoms of the oceans around the world. Ships and treasures, lost cities, for sure, but in terms aquatic creatures, what could be found.


The large white sea creature is known as a Ningen, for those who say there’s no such thing…. there are just a few photos, but, remember, only 5% of the world’s oceans, seas, lakes etc have been explored!

Have to call fake on the first photos. Having been diving since 69, several in extremely cold environments. The “person” in the photo is no where near in any kind of suit that would keep him from dieing in minutes. Bad photo shop.

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