Deadly Fish Discovered on the Beach

Deadly Fish Discovered on the Beach

Deadly Fish Discovered on the Beach

An Australian man who came across the most venomous fish in the world last weekend fortunately lived the tell the tale.Daniel Brown was walking around the rock pools at Lee Point beach north of Darwin when he almost stepped on a deadly stonefish.Mr Brown posted on Facebook that he and a friend ‘went exploring the Lee Point rock pools at low tide on Sunday.

‘We were looking for the most venomous octopus in the world – the blue-ringed octopus.’

Stonefish (pictured) are the most venomous fish in the world and its sting can kill in an hour

They didn’t find the octopus, but ‘Instead we found the most venomous fish in the world! A stonefish,’ he said.

For those who don’t know what a stonefish is, Mr Brown explained that they ‘can inject a powerful toxin through their dorsal spines when stepped on.

‘This toxin can be fatal to humans if left untreated, but no deaths have been recorded in Australia.’

He said the photo he posted ‘is exactly how we found it too. Out of the water, on top of the sand, not buried in it.

‘When we realised it wasn’t dead we moved it – a delicate operation involving thongs so as not to touch it with our hands – into the water where it slowly started burying itself,’ said Mr Brown.

He finished his post with the very sensible advice to ‘be careful where you step out there on the beach guys.

‘Not all the rocks are actually rocks.’

Queensland Health has also warned about the dangers of stonefish.

It advised that ‘to prevent a stonefish sting, wear sturdy footwear on reef flats, or while wading on soft-bottom substrates adjacent to rocky or weedy areas’.

The warning added that if you are stung by a stonefish, to ‘call Triple Zero (000) immediately as antivenom may need to be administered’.

A stonefish is capable of killing an adult in less than an hour.

Even if its sting doesn’t prove fatal, it’s regarded as one of the most painful experiences you can endure.

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