21 Products For Anyone Who Has Trouble Falling Asleep At Night

21 Products For Anyone Who Has Trouble Falling Asleep At Night

21 Products For Anyone Who Has Trouble Falling Asleep At Night

Get off of North Sea TikTok before you go to sleep.

1. A bottle of Dr Teal's soothing foaming bath with Epsom salt made to soothe your aching muscles so you can full-on relax before bedtime. 

Reviewer in a bubble bath with a bottle of Dr Teal's on display on the edge of the tub

Promising review: "I needed something to help me relax that was not a nap and this did it for me! I used this in an evening bath. Not only did it help me relax, it also helped me fall asleep so good that night. I tend to stay awake in bed (usually on my phone) most nights, but after this bath I fell asleep right away. It didn't bubble a whole lot for me, but it smelled amazing and made my skin the softest it's been in a long time! It's a good sized bottle with a sufficient amount of baths per bottle. Overall, I loved it. I don't take baths too often, but this has inspired me to do this more! 10/10 would buy again." —Priscilla Perez

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

2. A pack of drug-free Breathe Right nasal strips reviewers say "saved their marriage" because they made for a much MUCH quieter sleeping environment for bedmates. Maybe it's time to buy some for your partner.

A box of nasal strip that say 

reviewer wearing strip on their nose 

Promising review: "This product is a true gem. I’m eight months pregnant and due to baby pressing on diaphragm I’ve began to snore terribly. My poor husband is a light sleeper so I needed to figure something out. Started applying this at night and he says he doesn’t hear a peep out of me! If you have trouble sleeping or snoring this is something you need." —Raevyn

Get a box of 26 strips from Amazon for $11.29. 

3. A genius amber reading light that'll be much nicer for bedtime reading (it's 99.94% free of blue spectrum light) either you or your partner could use. Just maybe don't start a thriller at 9:35 p.m. again. 

a clip on amber light used to read a book at night

an amber clip on light shown with the charger

Promising review: "This is a fantastic light! I use it every evening to continue reading while my son sleeps, it does not wake him or impede my sleep after I’m ready to go to bed. Great product." —Brian Masters

Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in four colors).

4. A sleep therapy sound machine because playing a white noise playlist on your phone hasn't been so successful thus far. This handy gadget has seamless looping sounds and a USB port to charge your phone while you're off in Snoozeville. 

A white rectangular sound machine with several buttons and dials propped on a bedside table 

The loops on this machine include White Noise, Fan, Ocean, Rain, Stream and Summer Night, which you can set with a 15, 30, or 60-minute auto off timer. It's also super lightweight and compact if you're on the move!

Promising review: "I have struggled for years with insomnia and have a difficult time staying asleep when it is dead quiet. I typically use a small fan during the night but thought I'd give this sleep machine a try. It really did the trick for me. While I can't say the sounds are completely authentic, they certainly are close enough. My duration of sleep has increased quite a lot since purchasing this Pure Wave sound machine. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a little background noise to get a good night's sleep." —Joe B. 

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in two colors).

5. A pair of wireless sleep headphones disguised in a comfy headband that'll stay put. This would be great for you *or* your partner who likes to listen to podcasts you detest. 

A model sleeping with the headphone band around their ears 

Promising review: "Oh my goodness! Where has this been all my life?? Just a couple of days ago I was trying to sleep with earbuds in. I would wake up every time I moved because they were hard and hurt my ears. But THESE wireless headphones are the best! I can turn over in bed freely and it doesn't wake me up. I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. Now I can play sleep videos which help drone me to sleep and keep me asleep. LOVE THEM!!" —Godsinger

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

6. A pack of cult-fave nonmedicated Vicks VapoPatches you (as you'd guess from the name) simply stick on instead of dealing with the traditional goo. They have a blend of eucalyptus, essential oils, and menthol to help relieve congestion. 

Two packs of vapopatches 

A model putting a vapopatch on their shirt 

A heads-up that these are meant to be worn *over* your clothes. 

Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised when the scent lasted all night! They absolutely help me sleep better when I have a cold. I ordered some for my mother so she’d have them on hand for the upcoming cold and flu season." —Ashley 

Get two five-packs from Amazon for $18.01. 

7. A cooling mattress pad reviewers rave about because it's truly awful to get ready for bed and then lie there, unable to sleep because you're too hot (no matter the weather). This'll set you up for sleep success. 

The white mattress pad stretched firm on a mattress 

Promising review: "Unbeknownst to me, my wife decided to replace our mattress with the hardest slab of concrete on which I've ever had to sleep. I ordered this cover hoping for a tiny bit of relief. From the first night it exceeded all my hopes and dreams, I was able to sleep again, it doesn't slip off even with my tossing and turning, and it stays cool. This mattress cover probably saved my marriage. Thank you!" —michael ervin

Get it from Amazon for $37.59+ (available in sizes Twin–California King and in three colors). 

8. Plus, a set of satin pillowcases (that I own and can vouch have a soothing, cooling effect). 

A model hugging a pillow with a black satin case

Reviewer's hair before using the pillow with less volume, and after using it with more 

Promising review: "My hair has never been better! I got this because of TikTok and it has done wonders for my hair. My hair isn’t frizzy or dull looking when I get up in the morning." —Aaron Key

Get a set of two from Amazon for $8.49 (available in 37 colors and five sizes).

9. Or a specifically designed set of two cooling pillowcases made with Japanese cooling fibers to help absorb your body heat while you sleep. 

the blue-gray cooling pillowcases on pillows on a reviewer's bed

Promising review: "Finally found pillows that are worth every penny!!! I am buying more ASAP! I have a sweating problem and also have my bedroom on the third floor of my home so the heat rises, which doesn’t help my hot flashes at all! I have a hard time finding a pillowcase that isn’t sticky feeling, too hot to lay on, etc. I really appreciate that there is a zipper on one end of each pillowcase to zip up your pillow to help your pillow inside from slipping or falling out! These pillowcases are cool to the touch, super soft, and they are super comfortable to lay on, to the point I woke up with drool all over my face from my remarkable amount of great sleep I had! This pillowcase doesn’t get that overwhelming warm sticky feeling after laying on it for a while. It stays comfortable to lay on all through the night! I’m incredibly happy and grateful to finally find pillowcases that are exactly what anyone with sweating issues and hot flashes need and want in pillowcases." —CosmeticatedReviews

Get them from Amazon for $18.95+ (available in standard, queen, and king sizes and in 19 colors).  

10. A set of cooling bed sheets that'll keep you from waking up all hot and sweaty. They feel super pricey but, thank goodness, aren't! 

White bed sheets on a bed with matching pillows

Promising review: "I am a very hot sleeper therefore, I am very picky about my sheets. These sheets are very comfortable and do not make me hot. They are soft and very comfortable. Also, the company is great to work with! Excellent customer service! When my sheets arrived, there was a small problem with the fitted sheet so I emailed them (the sheets came with a flier with their contact info) and they sent me another fitted sheet right away. They said they are a family owned business and really want the customer to have a great experience. I was impressed with that level of service especially in this day and age! Bottom line: great sheets, excellent customer service and great price! Do not hesitate to buy!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in twin–split king sizes and 45 colors).

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