19 People Who Posted Things So Dumb They Honestly Need To Have Their Computer Taken Away From Them

19 People Who Posted Things So Dumb They Honestly Need To Have Their Computer Taken Away From Them

19 People Who Posted Things So Dumb They Honestly Need To Have Their Computer Taken Away From Them

Saints preserve us.

1. A simple question:

Facebook post from Aug 21 at 11:31 AM asking, "Do lil seizures clothes at ate?" accompanied by 12 reactions and 3 comments

2. A quick lesson in French:

Pan of pasta with meat sauce on stove. Facebook post with 6 reactions and a comment reading, "Yup add a bit of butter walaa."

3. Those delicious little corns:

Text post: "What are they being fed?" Comment reply: "Egg corns from the oak tree unlimited." 

(Note: Personal information has been redacted.)

4. A fair question:

Summary of the text: The author discusses the idea of tattoo places offering euthanasia for clients who fear the pain, inspired by a sign for euthanasia at a dentist for anxious patients

5. The a most scrumptious treat:

Series of humorous messages about misunderstandings of how to caramelize onions, questioning the aspects and time required for the cooking process

6. Tasty advice:

Three comments about a game bug involving picking up the same bag. Discussion on the phrase "chalk it up" vs. "chocolate it up." Final comment jokes about answers being delicious

7. Words for mocking:

Comment: "This song is gone be on an animated movie..something like Hotel Transylvania... mock my words." 2 likes, 1 reply

8. The death of politeness:

Facebook comment reading, "There is so much wrong with comments on here it’s actually made me realize why shivery is dead and I have a genuine dislike for people."

9. Messy scenes from the war:

Model WWII diorama showing military vehicles and damaged buildings for sale at $100. Listing title contains a spelling error

10. A simple equation:

Screenshot of a social media thread where users debate a math error, including statements about using a calculator and incorrect addition

11. Sunk costs:

Social media post reading: "I feel like this is sunk cost pharmacy to an extreme. What I've dedicated myself to can't be wrong! You're wrong! Once you notice, you see this everywhere..."

12. Time to focus:

The image contains text that reads, "i've never had the intention spam for that."

13. Rod Serling's creation:

Reply with summary text: "That sounds like a twilight zone or monkey's paw situation. I'm sorry :("

14. Common decency:

A message expressing that tipping in restaurants is a common courtesy and a desire to make someone's day rather than focusing on profits

15. Ram Dass' bags:

Two large bean bags and various items, including a mop bucket and broom, are for sale for $50

16. A serious accusation:

Screenshot of a social media comment saying, "this gotta be a deformation of character ?" with 43 minutes ago and 2 likes

17. Intense books:

Box of a Lego Bonsai Tree set being held. Text above box reads: "Gift: Lego bonsai tree. The instruction book is in here along with the tree, but it's like half knocked over / in pieces from a recent move."

18. A most serious disease:

A social media comment saying, "A kind of disease that makes them cannabis to their own kind," with a sad face emoji. The comment has 1,421 likes

19. And a most delicious cabinet:

Glass-front cabinet listed for $40 on a selling platform with item description "Perfect condition Churro Cabinet."

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