Unbelievable: Wildebeest Escapes Small Crocodile Only to Swim Straight into the Jaws of a Monster Crocodile

A wildebeest drinks at a waterhole and a calf is grabbed by a croc. It escapes the small croc only to swim into the jaws of a massive croc.

A herd of wildebeest drink water at the Gezantombi Waterhole and one unlucky calf is grabbed by a crocodile. A second massive crocodile arrived on the scene and snatched the struggling wildebeest out of the jaws of the smaller croc.

Crocodiles are ambush hunters that lie in wait for unsuspecting prey. This is what this particular crocodile was doing – patiently waiting for the perfect moment. Crocodiles are incredible ambush hunters and can remain motionless even when an animal is inches from them.

“We were in the car with my parents. There was one other car there, and no doubt they were experiencing the same anticipation that we were.”

“The crocodile burst out of the water and managed to grab ahold of one of the smaller wildebeest. It originally had the wildebeest by the nose, but once they were in the water, for a brief moment, it lost its hold but managed to grab the wildebeest’s right front leg. The wildebeest was not giving up. It managed to fight its way to the edge of the dam. Unfortunately for the wildebeest, a much larger crocodile was watching the commotion from close by.”

“We suspect the first crocodile was not strong enough to take down the wildebeest alone. That is why the wildebeest was only put out of its misery by the bigger crocodile. The wildebeest reached the bank of the dam where the larger crocodile chomped down on it, ending the wildebeest.”

“We thought the wildebeest would get away at one point. However, we agreed that its leg would have been severely injured and that it would have been in a lot of pain. That would have resulted in the wildebeest not surviving much longer anyways.”

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