People With Unique Skills That No One Else Has!

Humans are incredible, with a wide variety of skills that impress every one of us daily. However, some people can take their passion for doing something and turn it into an obsession. What follows is an extreme amount of skill in one thing that no one else can come close to competing in. From incredible Shaolin monks breaking stuff with their hands to creepy body tricks that will leave you questioning your sanity, the four-ever-green team has you covered with this exciting list of skills that no one else can do. But before we get into the video, make sure you subscribe to the channel so we can continue providing you with fantastic videos full of incredible sights to behold!



I actually believe that I could be in the Guieness World Book of Records for having a particular..."skill" (for lack of a better word).Since I was a child..I have been able to unintentionally tick people off to ..almost the level of 'violent behavior'..this is the side effects of ..(just being me).. This is not a joke.Something about my personality &/or the fact that I'm difficult for people to understand..has made me an anomaly among 8 billion.I'm not proud of this because It makes one an outcast although I should be used to it after 67 years..I thought about writing a book because I have that much I could say about this unintended ability..but I am what I am & no matter where you go.."there you are".We are all ..each & every one of us....unique.

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