Amazing Food in Taiwan, Fish Cutting Skills

This is very interesting how eel is eaten all over te world.

Us in France we do not eat it with the skin. With  the skin we make shoelaces.

But we grey it too and it is very good.We also have other french cooking receipes and some are wonderfull.

As far as i know we do not have eel farms but it should be a good idea because

european eel is threatened.


Amazing Food in Taiwan, Fish Cutting Skills 驚人的台灣美食, 魚的切割技能

0:00 Eel feeding, Eel catch and grilled eel / 鰻魚捕撈,碳烤鰻魚

12:19 Mullet Roe Harvesting! Luxurious Fish Roe Making / 頂級烏魚子製作

25:54 Bluefin Tuna Cutting Skills / 黑鮪魚切割技能

40:23 Giant Eel Cutting Skills, Giant Eel Steak / 巨大鰻魚切割技能, 鰻魚肉排

50:42 Marlin Fish Cutting Skills / 旗魚切割技能

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